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After one year working at the Hospital "Westfriesgasthuis" (WFG) in Hoorn at the internal medicine department, and another two years at the Hospital “Tergooi Ziekenhuis” in Hilversum, October 1, 2009 i started at the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam (AMC).


On 6 Sept 2006, I successfully defended my PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam. The thesis is titled: Pharmacological studies on the use of antiretroviral medication for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in Thailand.

Personal information

Name: R. Saskia Autar
work email: saskia

Short biography

R. Saskia Autar was born in Paramaribo (Suriname), and grew up in Utrecht (Netherlands). She received a bachelor's degree in Human Movement Sciences at the "Vrije Universiteit" Free University in Amsterdam in 1995. The year after she received her bachelor's degree in Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. In 2002, she worked in Philadelphia Children's Hospital (Pennsylvania, USA) and Turiani Hospital (Turiani, Morogoro district, Tanzania) as part of internships. In the same year she obtained her medical degree. Following her graduation she moved to Bangkok (Thailand), where she worked as reseacher/PhD student and medical doctor in the field of HIV/AIDS. In 2006, she expects to complete her PhD dissertation.

The research activities in Thailand were performed at HIV-NAT, "The HIV Netherlands Australia Thailand Research Collaboration" in Bangkok (Thailand). In 2005, 1.5% of the Thai population(1) was estimated to be infected with HIV-1 in Thailand, and therefore HIV/AIDS is a major concern for public and individual health.
The patients who are seen at HIV-NAT participate in research trials. Around 2000 patients currently participate in a trial. Most HIV-infected patients in Thailand receive antiretroviral treatment through government-programs.

Hobbies: Excercise, movies, arts, reading